Welcome to Sparkylocal – your trusted partner in the electrical industry for more than two decades and qualified in installing consumer units in homes and offices. As NICEIC-approved electricians with an unwavering commitment to excellence, we have seen it all when it comes to electrical services.

Since the consumer unit is the central hub controlling and distributing electricity through your home or office, you must ensure certified and qualified electricians handle it. The consumer unit is the brain of the electrical systems, ensuring that power is efficiently and safely distributed to all appliances and devices. Hence, if you need any help with the installation, repair or replacement of the consumer unit, only call the professionals at Sparkylocal.

We are qualified to handle consumer units

At Sparkylocal, we work with a team of highly trained, qualified and insured electricians. They have years of expertise in working with consumer units. Our electricians understand the intricacies of the electrical system, and we specialise in consumer unit installations, upgrades and repair.

Rely on our emergency services

Do you have an outdated fuse box? It is essential to upgrade the fuse box to avoid electrical issues. But if you are already facing problems, avail of our 24/7 emergency services in the UK. We can promptly arrive at your location and perform a thorough analysis of the fuse box to diagnose the issue. Then, we will help you with upgrading or repairing the consumer unit so you do not face any further electrical problems and continue with your tasks without interruptions.

It is essential to upgrade your consumer unit so it can accommodate additional circuits for home renovations or new appliances.

If you want to discuss and understand the importance and role of the consumer unit, get in touch. Consult our expert electricians today to learn about the fuse box and why its installation and upgrade are of utmost importance.

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Why call Sparkylocal for all aspects of your fuse box?

  • With Sparkylocal, you are choosing a team dedicated to your safety and satisfaction.
  • Our electricians are highly trained and know the intricate aspects of consumer units. They are qualified to install, replace and repair fuse boards whilst maintaining the highest safety standards.
  • We are fully insured and ensure no added costs during the installation or repair of your consumer unit.
  • Our team handles commercial and domestic projects with great ease.
  • You can rely on our competitive, transparent pricing.

No matter what kind of help you need with consumer units of your home or office, Sparkylocal is only a phone call away.